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Today's Internet is a well-developed environment for business. More and more people are searching products and services over the Internet every day. Because of this, often, the first picture of the organization is formed of how it looks in the network. After all, if visitor sees a beautiful design, powerful features, competent and professional texts, plus, your website is intuitive and easy to use – be assured, the representation of your organization in the visitors mind will be similar.

Internet market is dynamically developing, but it still will increase at times, and it is very important to take your niche now, especially because many of them are still free. Creating qualitative, interesting and functional site is the key to strengthening your current positions, promote growth of the customers base and partnerships, and most importantly, it will help to become a participant in this growing market. And if done correctly, not only a participant, but also a leader!

Custom CRM systems for small and medium business


Powerful site in modern business is an integral part of a marketing strategy, moreover, it can be the most effective, or even your only marketing strategy – powerful, enthralling, scalable and automated!

Aside from the obvious gain in the marketing part, we can create a system which can automate any business process in your organization. This greatly simplifies and accelerates the work of staff, reduces the number of errors in the processing of information, allows us to provide customers with the information they need in seconds.

Manual control of the organization can be received from anywhere. Including deep analytical and statistical capabilities. You just need a network connection.



Affordable seo services


Many organizations face the challenge of promoting their sites in the network, they are interested in what position in search results their site will appear, how easy it will be to find. Promotion always requires additional costs, but they can be significantly reduced. The key is the resource optimization during the design and implementation. We know how to create a resource that will attract search engines not only with textual information, but also with the correctness of its structure, speed and markup quality. We can create a system that will strengthen the position of your brand in the minds of your visitors from the first visit. This system, in future, will become a foundation that will ensure the well-being of your organization in the age of digital technology and e-commerce, in the era that will throw on the sidelines of all those who did not recognize her achievements.

Bots declared war on sites with low content quality. Stolen or a bit converted texts get search engine filters which cause penalties. Creating literate unique texts about your services or products has become an urgent task. Pages must satisfy the information users' needs. But search engines lead users to the site, so that the text should be optimized for them. We have experience in creating interesting pages with unique texts, photographs and artworks. These pages have been evaluated not only by users, but also by the search engines. Now they are leading on the promoted request. We pay a lot of time to analytic work while creating such pages.

Linux server administration

linux server administration

Your project has grown and you want to buy a dedicated server in Germany, or you need a powerful enterprise server in States or on the islands? Today it is available even for small business.

Technologies evolve, computing power increases, the price of equipment falls. To rent a powerful server in almost any country is a matter of minutes. But dedicated server becomes very powerful weapon only when properly configured.

Not a problem if you don't have a full-time system administrator. Our team includes specialists who are able to configure the server on Linux remotely. We can run various services on your server, allowing to solve any problem:

  • web servers
  • databases
  • e-mail servers with antivirus and spam check
  • server acces and protection services
  • additional software install and management
  • firewall tuning (netfilter/iptables)
  • proxy-server deployment (Squid)
  • ip-telephony
  • MySQL databases tuning and audit
  • load balancing
  • DDOS and other hacker attack protection